Motivating adult students to complete language courses
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'Dont Give Up' wins the European Language Label award

Too many adult language learners drop-out of language courses, the European Union funded project, 'Dont Give Up' offers language schools, teachers and students a complete set of motivational Best Practices for every level of adult language learning to ensure student success. In fact many of the best practices can be used in other levels of language teaching and learning.

The project has gathered best practices, that will help you use your resources more efficiently, reduce costs, gain better teacher satisfaction and, most importantly, have students that succeed and can use the Best Practices in their own learning and come back to attain higher levels.

The project has published the ‘Don’t Give Up’ book that includes all 48 Best practices for language school managers and pedagogists, language teachers and students. The best practices cover every aspect of running a language courses and language school. (Best Practices).

The DGU book also includes the background to the project and how we worked and web links for more information. A very limited quantity of the ‘Don’t Give Up’ book are available for free to European Educators please send you details here (Contact).

You can also contribute to the best practices on our Wiki here. On the Wiki you can tell the community about your experiences in using the best practices and add your ideas as well.